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Custom Game Design

Games add Excitement and Energy to your Training!

Purpose: To use games and game technology to enhance learning of any kind and add incredible energy to any training, program, presentation, speech, or workshop so that participants absorb materials quickly and effortlessly.

Result: Your training, presentations, workshops and educational learning programs reach new heights of excitement and effectiveness.

Background: Ron Roberts, FBCG (Full Blown Creative Genius) has designed dozens of big and small interactive, experiential games, activities, services and experiences for private corporations, other trainers, colleges, universities, and schools. For Ron and his other amazing facilitators, games are not just a past time, but their primary passion.

Cost: How much will it cost? Costs vary depending on the type of contractual arrangements you are seeking. Rates vary from an hourly rate of $250 per hour to as much as $10,000 for a full blown customized program.

Contact us today to help you setup your custome game.

Here's what Ron Roberts and ACT can do for you:

  • Provide services at whatever level you want: ACT can design a brief game or exercise on a specific topic or a week-long supplemental simulation to form the core of your training workshop.

  • Work from where you are now. ACT can help you plan an experiential workshop from scratch or add activities to accompany and enrich your training, presentation, speech or your complete workshop.

  • Meet your specific needs. ACT can create games for technical training, management training, sales training and many others.

  • Work in a variety of formats. Ron had invented over 50 different interactive experiential games and learning experiences. (He currently holds 6 patents and numerous trademarks on original games that are sold nationwide). ACT creates training games, simulations, role plays, card games, board games, toys, videos, Musical CD’s and instruments, original songs and poems, large group games, and any combination of formats to suit your needs.

  • ACT’s games allow for full deep frequent debriefs Many games designed by other companies are mindless, physical exercises or games that are basic one level. Simplistic games that do not relate to the teaching goals and objectives. ACT’s Games pose dilemmas and challenges that have multiple solutions at multiple levels depending on what the player reads into it. Often programs require both tactical and strategic analysis, and are mentally stimulating. Players do not always experience the moment of truth in the first game round but struggle for just the right amount of time to achieve success.

  • ACT’s games keep everyone fully engaged. Ron Roberts maintains total control and involvement and builds key factors into the design. All participants are challenged to explore learning, “get the skills they need” at the level that they are ready to assimilate, and are forced to see themselves and their personalities as they really are live in the game itself.

  • ACT’s Design is very rapid. Due to the years of experience that all of ACT’s staff have at their disposal, there are hundreds of various games and game technologies which they can choose from to create the best game for your needs.

  • ACT adds enormous value to your training product at a low cost. ACT can work with you through telephone, Internet, email, and fax. ACT can send you the finished product in the form of a prototype, reproducible masters or as email attachments.

  • ACT’s games fit your needs perfectly. Between owning a Counseling Center for 12 years and teaching management and communications as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University, Ron has developed a natural intuition to develop games that fit the needs of the client with incredible accuracy. Ron’s CAD-CAM mind and inductive thinking help to create unique games that are always exciting, fun to play and one of a kind.

  • ACT has many experts to meet your design needs. The combined staff of ACT has designed hundreds of training games and activities that are used around the world. Ron has appeared on ABC, NBC, CNN Live, QVC, Newsweek and Games Magazine.

Overview of Services

  1. Conceptualizing, formulating, and preparing themed, unified, game friendly concepts for any program based on existing goals, objectives and desired learning outcomes (actual module writing not included).

  2. Creating original custom games, exercises and experiences to fit in with any existing program or curriculum.

  3. Modifying, improving, augmenting and spicing up any existing program or curriculum.

  4. Enhancing Learning through games and game technology that:

    • Reinforces key points
    • Increases retention
    • Holds audience attention
    • Making learning more intense so it pops and comes alive

Limitless Applications

Following are some of the applications that Custom Game Design can be used for:

  1. Technical and highly complex materials and presentations especially those with long lists of items.
  2. Management, Sales, and Customer Service Training
  3. Soft skill Training of any type (Communication, teamwork, leadership, strategic planning, negotiations, public speaking, etc)
  4. Minimizing the repetitive nature of certain routine or monotonous materials including but not limited to SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and other standard documents.
  5. Energizing Conferences: Openers, Closers and any portion in between
  6. Enhancing Speeches and Lectures
  7. Creating outrageous dramatic educational content with greater focus and retention
  8. Making abstract or intangible learning of any form more real and practicable through games and demonstrations
  9. Change Management where rapid or accelerated transformation is required.
  10. Adding vitality to virtual learning through online activities, and many others………

Testimonials from our clients:

"Ron’s training games have taken our programs to a new level of interactive, experiential learning that I never thought we could achieve. The participants love playing and learn a great deal at the same time."

Mark Stewart, Ph.D., Internal Psychologist and Trainer, Global Industries