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Giant Flip'em Strategic Systems Management Board Game


Contents: Includes giant 10 ft by 10 ft. game mat, weights, 64 giant foam game pieces (16 each Blue, Green, Red, Yellow), Four small versions of the game, and complete Instructions with Train the Trainer Guidelines  

Description: This power packed, high energy Giant Strategic Systems thinking Management Board Game starts out with a very simple task of playing supercharged Tic-Tac-Toe in three dimensions. The catch is that every team only has certain “powers” by which to achieve victory. By practicing and strategizing ahead of time on their own mini game board, and by adapting to constant change over the course of 3 gut wrenching rounds, each team will gain awareness of new innovative and creative problem solving skills. As each team gains more and more insight into how to use all their “management powers,” each team will learn to apply them to attain maximum strategic leverage. The many unexpected twists and turns that show up out of nowhere combined with the increasing complexity of this matrix driven game, allows each team to grow in awareness and mastery of their management skills. All is not as it appears in this rapid fire constantly changing game that simulates the real world of executive management and decision making (often made without all the necessary information). Just when you think you are going to win, watch out, anything can happen.   

Learning outcomes: Proactive thinking and multi-tiered strategic planning, managing complex tasks and rapidly changing objectives, highly interactive communication, systems thinking, the art of process management (flowing between task and process), managing your gut reactions, forming temporary alliances, and synchronized teamwork

# of Players: 4 to 12 players per set    
Location: Indoor/Outdoor 
Length: 60 to 120 minutes


Price: $595.00
Weight: 24 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 24 in × 18 in