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Make Your Own Game Game


Contents: 1 Custom Game Board, 1 Standard game board, Custom spinner, Chips (in 4 colors), Playing Cards, Content Cards, and much more, as well as complete Instructions with Train the Trainer Guidelines.

Description: The “Make Your Own Game” Game is an astoundingly creative game that will allow players to create their own “custom” games to teach any content, curriculum or competency. This Master Game will provide hours of practical fun as teams merge fun and content, skill and change with curriculums and competencies. The resulting game creations can actually be used immediately to improve the presentation of any curriculum. This game has almost an unlimited number of possibilities and can basically convert any concept into interactive, experiential learning.

Learning outcomes: Improving the content of any curriculum, creative presentation skills, Practical lessons about nteractive, and experiential learning.

# of Players: 2 to 8 players per set
Location: Indoor
Length: 45 - 120 minutes

Price: $99.00
Weight: 6 lb
Dimensions: 20 in × 12 in × 6 in