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Managing Change without Losing Your Marbles


Contents: One 25 ft. heavy duty vinyl Chinese Checker game board, 36 bandanas in 6 colors (B, G, R, O, Y, P), one complete instruction manual, one whistle, one stop watch, 1 set of 12 tent pegs, duct tape

Optional: Cobbler Style Smocks are available for $15 per smocks in an assortment of colors

Description: Each team must occupy one triangle of the 25 ft. Chinese Checker Board. While following the very simple rules of the game, each team must move as many of their players from their Home base to the opposite triangle, End base, within the time limit. Facing and overcoming the congestion and confusion in “the gray area” will be necessary in order to succeed and often simulates real working situations where workers often become "their own worst enemy" and get in the way of success. Ultimately, the only way to win is by using your team’s resources and collaboration. Redefining the true meaning of "team" in a broader organizational sense is the first requirement for mastery of this game.

Learning outcomes: Planning strategically and execute flawlessly as a Big Team in order to achieve your objectives in a timely manner, managing communications in the face of adversity, applying and gaining mastery of the principles of Six Sigma Theory of Constraints through game play, learning to manage systems induced change over which you have little or no control, leadership, and strategic planning.  

Number of Players: 16 to 36 per game board, multiple game boards may be used simultaneously
Length: 45 to 90 minutes + debrief

Testimonial: "The energy generated by this unusual game that combines competitive game play and collaborative efforts, is off the charts. Once the baseline is created, and the strategic goal for massive imporvement is set, it takes every players input and creativity working as a single unified team to hit the mark. A very powerful game to gain insight into how to break through limitations and silo thinking!! I highly recommend it!"
Robert Rynkiewica, Training Manager, Merck Pharmaceuticals


Price: $1,800.00
Weight: 80 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 18 in × 24 in
SKU: CC001