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Picture + This LCD Projection Perceptual Game


Contents: This hilarious, mind-numbing perceptual picture-word puzzle game will have your entire team rolling in non-stop laughter. Four sets of 24 Computer projected puzzles (People, Places, Clichés, and Entertainment) will pump up any team in just a matter of minutes. Picture words that seem too difficult to guess initially, will appear so easy and simple once you know the answer that you be completely shocked that you couldn’t get it. This game of Multiple Intelligences will have everyone sitting on the edge of their chair.

Learning outcomes: Use of multiple intelligences, creative problem solving, managing assumptions, building trust, application of various logic solutions, strategic planning, teamwork and communication.

# of Players: 8 to 88
Location: Indoor
Length: 10 to 60 minutes

“Picture + This™” is now available on single DVD with 96 image units.            $49 each
(Volume discounts available)
Board game version only. (288 image 4 in. by 6 in.)                                            $39.95 each
Price: $35.00
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 13 in × 9 in × 2 in
SKU: 836156001062