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What Goes Around, Comes Around


Contents: All materials necessary for complete game play, and complete Instructions with Train the Trainer Guidelines.

Description: Passing a beach ball from one player to the next seems relatively simple. No way! The entire team must pay the price and faces the consequences for any one person’s misjudgment. This fast paced, ball passing, intensive team-oriented game gets the juices really flowing as team members try to beat the competition at all costs.

Learning outcomes: Trust, shared leadership, big team – small team integration, communication, risk taking, process improvement in a competitive environment, and careful proactive planning.

# of Players: 12 to 25 players per set
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Price: $199.00
Weight: 11 lb
Dimensions: 30 in Ă— 6 in Ă— 36 in