Build a Song Charitable Innovation Creativity

Build a Song Charitable Innovation Creativity

The only thing that gives Top of the line High performance organizations the leading edge for maximizing Success is their ability to master innovation, creativity and group problem solving!!!! ACT’s Build a Song Charitable teambuilding  program offers you a unique solution to learning about Innovation while helping a child  in need in a big way!

Unlike any other team building activities, this one of a kind program combines John Beltzer’s (founder) Medicine of Music with Prof Ron Roberts Build a Song Team building thus resulting in  amazing levels of learning about innovation, creativity and group problem solving  while engaging  the audience in the live recording of a fully produced personalized song for a local terminally or chronically ill child. People from all walks of life have experienced the unprecedented thrill of being a part of a live recording as they all collectively record their voices on the chorus of a song specifically created to bring a smile to the face of a sick child and his/her family.

John Beltzer, founder of the Songs of Love Foundation, (whose appeared on 60 Minutes, NBC Today Show & Nightly News , NY Times, People & Parade Magazine, Hallmark Channel) knows that when people sing together there is a real palpable feeling of unity. The bonding that takes place when everyone raises their voices in song is truly heartwarming. Not only does the child benefit by receiving a CD of a song with a swell of wonderful voices singing on the chorus, but participants walk away having come together with a powerful purpose of lifting the spirit of a child battling a serious illness. The audience is indelibly connected to the child as the song becomes an everlasting keepsake for the child and family. There are many corporate team building activities but The Medicine of Music Build a song Team building stands alone in uniquely inspiring an audience.

Ask us about our expanded Medicine of Music Build a song Team

building that involves participants in the writing and production of a “song ” with  4  different 4 line verses as well as the group recording.