Innovation - Basic

ACT is proud to announce our newest programs in the area of Innovation and Creativity. ACT is  applying innovation and creativity to helping organization of every shape and size to improve performance.

By combining our forces, we offer breakthrough consulting that will allow individuals and organizations to see and discover solutions:

  • that were right in front of them and should have been apparent but were not seen for a myriad of system’s based reasons
  • that were previously considered impossible
  • that require a totally different paradigm and perspective in order to achieve
  • that require connecting the dots that were not clearly related in time and place

Innovation: the basic building block of all modern businesses

Innovation and creativity have become the top billing at organizations all across the world. Innovation is the life blood of all successful growing businesses. Creativity and successful problem solving are the building blocks necessary for the constant reinvention that all businesses need to  succeed. Innovation has many meanings: it can mean the premature ending of an outdated technology, as well s the unexpected birth of a new more efficient, less costly product, service or process.

 In today’s internationally competitive markets, where technology is changing at the speed of light, only those companies who demonstrate ingenuity and innovation in every aspect of their entire operations will come out on top. To that end, let’s look at some of the services that ACT offers in the area of Innovation and Creativity.

Innovation and Creativity Definitions

In its simplest definition,Innovation is the process by which change is implemented where as Creativity is the act of coming up with something new.

So both include the act of coming up with something new – a product, service, concept, application, or process.   But innovation is a step beyond creativity.  To be considered innovative the something new needs to be integrated into society.  When it becomes integrated in a way that allows high, constant and sustainable demand for that product, service or process, then innovation has taken place.  Creativity then is a subset of innovation. 

Think of the Post-it note.  Many would probably say this product is not all that creative as they tend to view creativity as more a form of art.  But creativity applies to all new ideas, even if they are perceived as possibly boring.  But what makes the Post-it note so innovative?

In 1968 Dr. Spencer Silver along with Jesse Kops, both scientists at 3M accidentally developed a ‘low-tack’, reusable pressure sensitive adhesive.  For 5 years they promoted the invention with no buy-in from others at 3M.  In 1974, a colleague of theirs Art Fry, who attended one of Silver’s presentations, came up with the idea of using the adhesive to anchor his bookmark in his hymnal because he had so many papers in there that kept falling out all of the time.  He thought I bet a lot of other people have problems marking their books as well.  By using the invention in a new context, creatively applying it to another application, the Post-It became a best seller!