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Our Mission

With an effort to provide an intensive experiential learning moment that is both "fun and exciting", Action Centered Training has as its mission:

"To develop highly professional customized corporate seminars that
make a difference and create real change while meeting the specific
needs of our corporate clients."

Although ACT teaches with great mastery about many different topics, our real specialty is simply this: helping people to think differently and in new exciting ways. For only when people (every company’s most valuable asset) take charge of the processes that drive the corporation and help management to make dynamic changes, can that company rise to the very top of the competition.

ACT’s goal for our Corporate Clients:

"To take new lessons learned on the 'field of action' back into the work setting and use this new awareness in order to build effective communications and teams."

By testing their skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and strategic planning in a setting which may be "unfamiliar, unpredictable and foreign in nature" (not unlike the real business world in this time of rapid change), the participants get to practice, make mistakes and learn how to change and improve processes in the safety of their own community. Then when the real challenges occur, learners can hit the ground running and demonstrate levels of mastery heretofore not thought possible.

Since corporate training has no value if it does not create change, the primary mission of Action Centered Training is to show the connections between training and 'the real world' in order to create incremental and powerful improvements in Individual Performance and the Corporation's bottom line.

Action Centered Training specializes in the following training areas: Teambuilding, Communication, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Creative Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Stress Reduction, as well as Time and Resource Management.