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Innovation and Improv

Turning on the ‘Light bulb’ of Innovation

Thomas Edison spent years trying (and failing) over 1100 times to find the filament for the light bulb before he succeeded. But that was the good old days. Many leaders and companies are stuck thinking that all the great inventions and major process improvements have already been created. They believe that odds of achieving a breakthrough of any value are highly unlikely. In light of these constraints, management is concerned about how to keep growing the company and fear there is no way to continue the upward spiral!

Today, there exists a huge overwhelming unmet need across the world:  the need for Innovation and Innovative thinking in every field of endeavor.

Although they demonstrate a minimal degree of innovative thinking and an occasional ability to reinvent themselves, many companies are panicking in their attempt to remain competitive amidst the ever expanding worldwide markets. Companies are doing everything they can to cut costs and improve productivity.  They have outsourced every possible service and sent manufacturing overseas to take advantage of lower production prices (and reduced labor and material costs. Corporations have cut staffing year after year in order to force current workers to do more with less. Leaders have streamlined every possible process to cut costs, reduced inventory, and reengineered and computerized manufacturing. But it is not enough!!

Based on my observations of 1000’s of leaders, it is time for a new paradigm. Collectively, organizations are entering into an era of unlimited innovation and infinite possibilities. The Secret: By embracing a policy of incremental continuous innovative change, every employee no matter where they work (big or small) can be an innovator and a contributor. Many wait for the occasional (and very rare) larger break-through innovation (like the light bulb). This is one working approach but it is, due to the long cycle time, really a crap shoot!

Many leaders see innovation the traditional way through research, science and the intuition of one or two great entrepreneurs.  But there is a simpler more effective method: involving and listening to every worker at every level. Senior staff must work to change and create a new open culture that encourages the masses, the small people, and those on the front lines to engage and capture every idea no matter how small. Only by embracing every creative impulse and even the most ridiculous outrageous concepts, (to “squeeze” the innovative juice out of them), can organizations generate the innovative momentum needed to achieve ongoing limitless success.

ACT’s Innovation and Improv training programs are designed to help open the flood gates of innovation, creativity, and massive process improvement while simultaneously changing the culture, so that the larger system supports this positive change necessary to stay on course for the long term!

For more information about ACT’s Innovation and Improve programs, call or email us today!

Effective teams are able to work together toward a common goal and exciting and innovative ideas can be the result of successful teamwork. This workshop combines teamwork principles and innovative thinking to create a final project of your choosing.

This power-packed, fun teambuilding session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy teambuilding activities specifically designed to help the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Training Team.

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