Celebrating Goals/Achievements Creatively

Every company needs to communicate and drive certain key Goals and Objectives as well as celebrate Achievements and reward great Performance. The difficulty is that many times these presentations are dry and even boring, and they often don’t achieve the maximum motivation desired to drive the Goals and Objectives nor do they create the energy that demonstrates the valuable Achievements of your team or group.
Through ACT’s Customization your team can create the Motivation and Energy that you need to drive success.

Program Synopsis

  • Introduction, Overview and Explanation of activity
  • Information Gathering - Learn & Discussion Talk time
  • Preparation & Innovation – Creative Presentation: Use maximum creativity: fun formats
    • Interactive Power point,
    • Original poem
    • Hand out questions to the audience
    • Role-play
    • Quiz show
    • Song
    • Take an audience poll
    • Make a 5 part very short play
    • Jingle
    • Tell a story
    • Game Show
    • Act out a scene
    • Improv technique – everyone presents their part
  • Presentation Time – A given # of preset timed presentations
  • Awards Ceremony

Customized Content/ Program Based Training
ACT creates customized content and program based training on any topic, subject or learning objective including specialized Scientific and Government learning outcomes.