Inflatable Olympics


Action Centered Training uses a wide variety of inflatable teambuilding props to assist in its Interactive Teambuilding. Whether used as an introduction only, an energizer/warm up, to create competition or as an adjunct to other teambuilding efforts, these safe, exciting, and fun giant inflatable props always add to and improve the learning process.

Whether you want Competitions, Olympics, or Tournaments, any combination can be arranged using the following Inflatable Props:

- Rock Climb
- Velcro Wall
- Bungee Run
- Bungee Bull
- Water Tag
- Hurricane
- Golf Arena
- Velcro Race
- Fast Break

- Obstacle Course
- Moon Bounce
- Gladiator Joust
- Bungee Challenge
- Human Foos Ball
- Bumper Boats
- Team Challenge
- Sports Arena

- ...and much more!

Advantages of "Inflatable" Teambuilding Props


  • Quick and Easy set up at your Facility or Conference Center Completely Mobile - can be moved to meet your needs. Up and running in less that 30 minutes. Harmless to the Environment. Adaptable for Year Round indoor or outdoor use.
  • Safe, soft and sturdy.


Inflatables can be used in conjunction with other ACT Capabilities

Outdoor Teambuilding
Use with Paintball, Whitewater Rope Rescue, Hike & Bike seminars to emphasize competition, communication under pressure, strategic planning and other learning outcomes as designated by your team.

Interactive Exercises
Use in conjunction with Interactive Training such as Gridlock, Rope Mazes, The Silo Treatment, Capture the Bag & many more to energize the team.

Skill Based Training
Use with certain skill based training to improve capabilities or just focus on one narrow area of learning such as: Leadership, Change Culture, Coaching, Strategic Plan.

Organizational Development
Use to bring teams together and renew their commitment in such areas as Cross Functional and Multi-Divisional Teams, Restructuring and Mergers.

Psychological Assessments
Use in conjunction with psychological assessments to gain insights into team and individual behavior or as a stand alone projective tool to help employees become more aware of their own behavior under pressure. Especially valuable in sales, management, and customer service.

"Safety is always our Top Priority!"