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Even School Administration needs to have custom training from time to time during their annual retreats. Whether your meeting time is a day or a week, why not make the most of it by securing custom training that: accelerates your own learning, maximizes your investment of time away from school, helps you to see your goals and objectives from a new perspective, give fresh insights into acute or chronic problems or issues that were previously unsolvable, etc.  

  1. Leadership Training
    All leadership requires risk taking and openness those that follow you. Balancing carefully between task and process is of the utmost importance. ACT Leadership training will help you master the delicate art of leadership and knowing when to assertively advance a cause or just patiently wait the system to balance itself.

  2. The Art of Strategic and Tactical Planning
    To have a truly successful administrative organization, the ongoing process of tactical planning, controlling variables and managing objectives must be balanced with strategic planning, long term objective and inspiring staff to become self initiating through meaningful leadership. 

  3. Negotiations skills for Administrators

  4. Soft Skills including trust, managing assumptions, communication, team work, motivation, process improvement, time and resource mgmt.
    Remember, soft skills drive hard skills. If you master the soft skills all of your task driven objectives will be improved. A small amount of training in soft skills has a very high return on investment on performance improvement throughout the organization.

  5. Customized School Board Training (including any of the above topics)

During this era of budget battles and need to do more with less, many schools districts are embroiled in conflict over setting priorities, determining their values, and controlling expenses.

ACT can help school boards, administrators, negotiators and any other high level management to enhance any special area that they need assistance with. This may include communication to help senior staff work together better or performance based improvement training to increase efficiency.