In-service Training, Workshops & Faculty Meetings

Typical: In service or Workshop: 2 hour to full day
Faculty meeting: 15 minutes to 2 hours   

  • Differentiated Instruction: Helps teachers adapt how and what they teach and how students demonstrate what they have learned based on readiness levels, interests and learning styles so that the students experience maximum assimilation and retention. 

    Some classroom concepts include:
    • Learning styles: Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic Learning
    • Pre / During / Post Assessment Strategies
    • Anchor Activities
    • Tiering: Extension Menus / Cubing
    • Adapting Activities / Strategies / Tests
    • Classroom Management
    • Incorporating movement into your curriculum
  • Service Learning

    Service learning is the ability to connect service with existing learning within the school.  It provides a hands-on application of content and skills to real community needs. 

    Some classroom concepts include:
    • Standards of Effective Service Learning Practice
    • Developing a project conceptually
    • Completing a service learning project
  • Creativity

    The Creativity course is a fun, powerful, experiential learning process based on the teachings of Paul Torrance.  You will experience first hand how to incorporate these four creative thinking skills into your curriculum:

    Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration and Originality
    • Overview and practical usage of creative thinking skills
    • How to connect creative thinking skills to content areas
    • Creativity and movement
    • Games that encourage creative thinking
  • Character Building

    Character Building is the ability to interact socially for the benefit of the entire classroom. This training will help you and your students manage any difficult or conflict ridden social situation. This workshop will offer additional tools to assist in developing good classroom climate and will improve the social skills necessary to enhance learning.
    • Pillars of character
    • Class Meetings
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Teambuilding games
    • Interactive Exercises
  • Communication and Motivation

    Effective Communication and proper motivation is the foundation of academic success. This course will help to improve general communication between teachers, students, parents, and other staff, will be.
    • Focusing on helping Teachers and Students communicate honestly!
    • Words and Attitude make the difference!
    • Behavioral Management and Communication: Getting your student to cooperate!
    • Avoiding defensive behavior when working with Parents
    • How to communicate in a positive manner all the time (or at least most of the time!)
    • What to do when your student’s enthusiasm doesn’t match your own!
  • Induction Training and Coaching for New Teacher

    Every new teacher is required by state law to undergo Induction training.

    Induction Training is simple educating teachers in best educational practices. based on the common consensus at that time and giving them the support they need to make wise decisions.

    There are many different theories that this training may be based, however, ACT has discovered the secret to successful training: the degree of retention that new teachers achieve. Using our Experiential Learning model, ACT has had great success in inculcating the best practices and values to new teachers.