Student Support Processes

This proactive process involves teachers, administrators and parents from the onset of an academic, behavioral or social concern with a student. Both staff and parents collaborate to create an individual action plan with specific strategies to systematically help each child be more successful in the regular education classroom.

A. Managing Challenging students: helping with academic, behavioral or social concerns

Almost every student will likely experience some form of  academic, behavioral or social concerns from time to time. ACT Training helps to address this issue.
Observing students in the classroom to determine the antecedent to their problems before they escalate is the key to managing these concerns. The sooner some form of action plan is put in place, the sooner the student and staff can create remedial correction and start to see success.

B. Developing complex Action Plans with parent, teacher and possibly student

  • By bringing in an outsider, the goal is to create an atmosphere of openness and receptivity in which the student’s needs are the top priority
  • Writing observable and measurable goals
  • Developing an Action Plan with specific interventions
  • Monitoring effectiveness of plan and graphing measurable results
  • Follow up discussion and referral:
    • Review action plan and results of interventions
    • Testing, assessment, other necessary interventions if needed
    • Confirm all parties concur and wrap up if case resolved