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Administrative Retreats

Even School Administration needs to have custom training from time to time during their annual retreats.

Backpacks for Kids: Be cool, help kids in school

Backpacks for Kids: Be cool, help kids in school

This practical team building event gives children their favorite back to school gift: a brand new large themed back pack (All are fit to their age group). And you will have the opportunity to fill this backpack with every school supply that kids love: ring bound notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers scratch pads, small games, puzzles, and a variety of their favorite pre-wrapped snacks!

Bike Building Workshop

ACT’s Charitable Team Bike Building Workshop is more that a mechanically challenging fun program, it is a program that touches the heart of all those that participate. Each member of your team will help build a bike that will change the life of a child. This bicycle building experience is filled with fun and excitement, as well as skills, tools and experiences that will make a dramatic & powerful impact on your team and overall organization.

Blindfold Matrix Maze

Trying to get your bearings is difficult if you’re blindfolded and trying to walk through a giant maze with people yelling in your ears from every direction. What’s even more difficult: trying to guide your blindfold maze walkers through the maze from a distance while competing among many other sighted managers for their attention. Beware, just as you think your team is going to win, the other team may come up with a more creative solution and tip the odds in their favor.

Build a Song Charitable Innovation Creativity

Build a Song Charitable Innovation Creativity

The only thing that gives Top of the line High performance organizations the leading edge for maximizing Success is their ability to master innovation, creativity and group problem solving!!!! ACT’s Build a Song Charitable teambuilding program offers you a unique solution to learning about Innovation while helping a child in need in a big way!

Build this Boat / Start this Cart

Although racing each other is a lot of fun, the secret to this exercise is in the building of the vehicles and designing their propulsion systems. Whether building your own boat or constructing a cart, the secret to the process involves strategic planning and anticipating unexpected process breakdown.

Bungee Crisscross

Many times in the fast paced world of business, workers get their "wires crossed" and send the wrong message to other employees. Workers tend to string each other along rather than accept responsibility for their problems.

Capture the Bag

Often in the corporate world, just as we think we've got the situation totally under control and everything is "in the bag", we discover that we missed the mark. As a timed purely competitive assignment, teams must compete for limited resources. Speed is of the essence to meet the objectives however overall strategy is the way to win this puzzling process.

Career Skills Courses

Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Financial Management, Writing, Contracting and Procurement & Career & Vocational

Celebrating Goals/Achievements Creatively

Every company needs to communicate and drive certain key Goals and Objectives as well as celebrate Achievements and reward great Performance.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

“Climbing the Corporate Ladder” requires much skill, foresight and sheer guts to succeed.

Corporate Takeover

This fast paced game of pure strategy simulates the realities of the corporate world because within the corporate structure most workers have specific limiting positions, mobility, and authority. The fun begins when teams try to work together but are forced to reckon with powerful forces beyond their control. Achieving their goals may be very difficult but not impossible if they think outside of the "box".

Creating Together: A Group Approach to Innovation

Effective teams are able to work together toward a common goal and exciting and innovative ideas can be the result of successful teamwork. This workshop combines teamwork principles and innovative thinking to create a final project of your choosing.

Don't Kick the Bucket

Just when you thought is was safe to manage your projects again, the “sharks” from the competition are out to get you. A number of unexpected obstacles and difficulties arise which must be overcome as a team in order to come out on top. Communication and teamwork between management and staff can be extremely important when your survival as a team depends on it.

Environmental Sustainability Challenge

This power-packed, fun teambuilding session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy teambuilding activities specifically designed to help the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Training Team.

Experiential Exercise and Game Design Techniques

Learn Goal and Objective, Creating and Organizing a Game Site, Choices, Decision Making and Strategies, Content, Information and Data, Conflict, Control and Obstacles, Consequences,
Scoring and Feedback and Closure.

Fast Word Team Version

Fast Word is a card game that requires teams to make as many simple sets of words as possible in the time limit. Special words are worth more! There are several random chance generators that create obstacles that the team must overcome in order to score big. Through multiple rounds, process improvement is required. , Includes up to 2 to 3 rounds per game with different levels.

Flip'em Project Management Board Game

This 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Project Management Strategy Board Game starts out with a very simple task of playing a 3 D version of Tic-Tac-Toe and adding layers of complexity. Suddenly when you least expect it, this simple fun game takes off with rocket power and transforms info an increasingly complex systems thinking matrix-driven task that will stump even the highest level management and executives.

Game Design Theory: Why it works!

All Games allow players and participants to learn faster and more efficiently about actual specific content, curriculum, task mastery, soft skills, processes and learning based outcomes. The reason is simple: whenever any player or team learns by playing a game, learning is accelerated because the information is absorbed more quickly and much more easily retained due to the intense emotions and fun associated with the positive learning process. The power of games to increase retention and create more powerful embedding of learned information is due to a technique know as Neuro-Associative Conditioning.

Giant Rope Maze Escape

All participants are led to a site and placed in the middle of a large 100 by 100 foot Rope maze. The team must overcome certain adverse conditions by using a series of complex communications and shared information. Team players must take responsibility for themselves and their team mates, while striving to achieve the objective of the game: finding the only highly classified top-secret exit. Simulates how corporate staff can easily become blindsided by lack of information.

Give'em the AX Lean Management Simulation

This manufacturing simulation looks like a real “nightmare” at first glance but is really much more like reality that most participants would wish to admit. The goal of the game is simply to produce as many quality sets of A’s and X’s that meet the proper specifications as physically possible within the time limit.

Gridlock Systems Thinking Game

Each of four teams is given a wheeled mini-cart which is controlled directly by teammates. The only way to prevent "Gridlock" is for the teams to plan together strategically, act as a team, and choose whether to serve their own team or the bigger unit.

Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, furniture and more!

Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, furniture and more!

If you and your team or companies are able to give a block of your valuable time and effort to this unforgettable heart-rending experience of building, adding on or painting a small section of a newly built home, then be of good cheer, there is definitely a job for every one of you regardless of your skills! All that is required is a willing heart and your best effort.

High and Low Ropes

A ropes course integrates adventure, teamwork, and self coaching into one high energy activity. Ropes courses, some of which are built high in the air (High Ropers) while others are on the ground (Low Ropers), contain a series of obstacles and challenges. All obstacles require participants to work together to achieve their goals. Most elements are physically engaging, but require no special skills or conditioning.

How High is Your Cubicle

In this highly competitive game of cube stacking, the team who stacks most strategically is the winner. Every team needs a Home base to operate from, but sometimes other teams have needs that are counter-productive.

I've Got Your Number - Auditorium Version

I’ve Got your Number Auditorium Version is a highly competitive hysterically funny game of strategy that can be used for large groups in the rigid seating arrangement of an auditorium. The very simple task is to rearrange certain patterns of numbers and letters that are spread all over the room with increasingly complex restrictions.

In-service Training, Workshops & Faculty Meetings

Differentiated Instruction helps teachers adapt how and what they teach and how students demonstrate what they have learned based on readiness levels, interests and learning styles so that the students experience maximum assimilation and retention.

Inflatable Olympics

Action Centered Training uses a wide variety of inflatable teambuilding props to assist in its Interactive Teambuilding. Whether used as an introduction only, an energizer/warm up, to create competition or as an adjunct to other teambuilding efforts, these safe, exciting, and fun giant inflatable props always add to and improve the learning process.

Information Technology and Software Courses

Mainframe, Systems, Software/Internet & Government Agencies,

Innovation - Basic

ACT is proud to announce our newest programs in the area of Innovation and Creativity. ACT is applying innovation and creativity to helping organization of every shape and size to improve performance.