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Speaking Engagements

ACT provides high energy, interactive, experiential Kickoff, Keynote, and Endnote speakers to jump-start conferences for any size group. Our Speakers and Lead Facilitators are capable of coordinating entire events for corporations, schools, universities, private groups and other organizations. The right speaker can amplify, bring to life, and reinforce the main message so that participants leave with a feeling of accomplishment and purpose.

Our group of expert professors, psychologists, trainers and presenters are capable of providing standard and customized Speaking Engagements locally, across the nation and internationally. Presentations can be a one-time only presentation by a single presenter, or a whole series of interrelated, multi-year contracted speeches that motivate and focus hundreds of your staff on a regular monthly basis and always at a price that is palatable for your organization.

Why do some companies achieve unlimited, outrageous results while others continually wallow and remain stuck in the muddy pool of mediocrity? The answer is simple: Using the Power of “Big Team – Small Team” integration: the ability to communicate and work in teams across the entire organization with razor sharp accuracy. Any organization can achieve outstanding results and success if it has a superior “soft skills” foundation which includes: great communication, outrageous unified teamwork and amazing leadership with qualified risk taking.

Great leaders are fully conscious of the effects of their words and actions on others. Great leaders come from a place where they are completely free to choose how to react to work situations and create outstanding organizational balance.

Professor Roberts is an expert at making meetings more engaging and meaningful.

This power packed experiential presentation assists the audience in gaining mastery of the process of reinventing themselves and their work so that they are able to begin Innovating at the speed of business. Using the "Simplified Seven step Model of Innovation" (from Professor Roberts book, Junkyard Games HRDQ Press), Professor Roberts guides you through a simple process of getting in touch with your Inner Genius so that you can take charge over your destiny, and your business no matter what field of endeavor.

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