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Workshop and Classroom

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For many decades diversity has been a major topic at corporations and schools throughout the country. Frequently the focus of diversity is around race, however this is a rather narrow viewpoint.

Management is the art of utilizing personnel to accomplish various tasks. Understanding the difference between leadership and management is a fundamental premise of modern business.

Rarely do teams and companies prepare for change in the magnitude that change is occurring in today’s workplace.

Custom Workshops and courses are available on a wide variety of topics in most field of business. Since ACT has access to a comprehensive bank of expert consultants from colleges, universities, and institutions around the world, most topics can be covered.

Teaching and Facilitating are both very complex professions that require enormous amounts of preparation in order to do a good job in the classroom. There is an old saying that all facilitators can be teachers but not all teachers can be facilitators.

Leadership is the ability to take qualified risks with the expectation of receiving a substantial return on personal and emotional investment.

Matrix management is the buzz today in the corporate world but understanding the concepts that make the matrix system function can be less than clear.

Negotiation is the ability to discuss and decide how people and corporations will share resources, both tangible and intangible, in such a way that all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome.

How well we communicate affects productivity at every level. This course is designed to help groups and teams within any organization learn the basics of communicating effectively within the corporate structure.

Few people have a greater natural fear than that of Public Speaking. If the earth quakes every time you even think about standing up in front of a crowd, then this course will help to de-sensitize you to the pain of public discourse.

Teamwork Basics covers a variety of team related topics including understanding the basic nature of successful teams as well as why dysfunctional teams fail.

Corporate Culture is the combination of rituals, ceremonies, expected norms and behaviors that often become the “standard” at many companies.

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