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West Coast Operations

Serving: San Francisco, Fremont, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Arizona, and Las Vegas

Specialized Services available at our West Coast Center:

Utilizing the vast resources available throughout the West Coast (and especially in the Las Vegas area), ACT has created several new original high energy experiential team building programs,

High Energy Experiential Original Interactive Games
Over 40 unique, new, original indoor/outdoor, mild physical/high level mental challenge Interactive game and team building activities are available for your organization for groups of 5 to 500. 

Indoor and Outdoor High and Low Ropes Initiatives   Push the limits!
City Beach and the Team Performance Center – San Francisco
Dedicated to leadership training, organizational alignment, and achieving long term sustainable change

  • Indoor Rock Wall and Climbing Competitions
  • Interactive Teambuilding games.
  • Great gourmet dining, meeting rooms and luxurious outdoor deck

Largest Ropes Course on the West Coast within minutes of Las Vegas (on 500 acres)

  • 80 Ft. High Initiatives, 3 Levels of Course work for different skill levels,
  • Two 1300 ft. Canyon Zip lines, Repelling Tower, Long Canyon Burma Bridge

Paintball Teambuilding within one hour of Las Vegas and region wide
Play against each other as two competing teams or join forces as one cohesive unit against our team of highly trained Marksmen SCOUTS (Strategically Created Obnoxious Undesirable Time consuming Stuff).

Treasure Hunts/ Scavenger Hunts (Indoor and Outdoor) at 85 locations
Numerous preset treasure hunts are available throughout the entire West Coast area,

  • Utilizing our most advanced and challenging techniques
  • Strategic Orienteering using maps and compasses
  • SEGWAY and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

Murder Mysteries of all types Ranging from 1 to 3 hours, murder mysteries of all types are available by many of our highly professional acting troops. 

Energize your Classroom Training Mix and match and add a variety of short, topic  related, out of the box, big and small interactive games throughout your classroom training to spice it up, wake attendees out of the doldrums, and improve assimilation and retention of any and all learning regardless of the field of endeavor or level with the organization including: management, sales, customer service, research, etc. Whether it is just a routine SOP’s, complex scientific materials, lengthy or dry lectures, and any form of instruction where language is an issue, the sooner that your learners actually grasp and retain the materials, the faster they will hit the ground running and start becoming profitable for the organization.